The right person, in the right position, at the right time, with the necessary focus... 

With extensive, executive level operating experience, Driskell McNeer leadership has a long history of identifying and hiring leaders that radically improve the performance of organizations. 


Driskell McNeer executive search exists to partner with its clients to improve performance through PEOPLE. Providing retained executive search services, Driskell McNeer focuses intensely on two things: 1 – deep and rich relationships with its client partners, and 2 – leveraging an extraordinarily broad network of high performing candidates with whom Driskell McNeer maintains personal and professional relationships. 

Based in beautiful Nashville, Tennessee, the firm partners with clients across the continental United States, and celebrated its fifth year as an executive search firm this past Summer.



How do we serve those whom we are privileged to count as Partners?


Common retained search projects on which we serve our clients:

  • C-level Executives, including CEO, CFO, COO, CRO, CMO, CIO, CTO, CISO & CHRO

  • Board Directors

  • VP, Managing Director and Director roles in Business Development and Sales

  • VP of: Operations, Accounting, Finance, HR, IT, Legal, Corporate Development

  • Functional leaders: Marketing, Strategy, M&A, Product, Services

  • Various needs of companies within Private Equity portfolio holdings

  • Physician Executives


Why Retained Search?


Of product, market and people, which is most important to a business?  Since people also determine, develop and deploy product, we posit that it's people.  What does any great private equity firm prioritize in a growth strategy?  Also people.

If the odds present well that your internal HR team will have a wide network of proven executives for a key position in your organization, go with them.

We are not of the belief that the best executive candidates come from a pool of applicants who replied to an advertisement. Great performers at great companies are treated very well because those companies keep their best people happy - not out looking for their next role.  If you need someone who knows these individuals, who can understand your company and culture and educate candidates on why they should consider you, even when they are beyond satisfied where they are, call us...